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my heart is broken and I have learned to stop caring about peoples fake bullshit which is one main reason I never realy smile anymore or respond back to say I love you .. because I given so many chances yet they threw that away like it was nothing to chase some fake idealistic image that hey call a relationship and wondered what had happened when someone left them . all in all im latterly done with everyone . focusing so much on myself and my life right now


so I  have been sick for the past three days it sucs balls I just hope I get better I have been doing nothing but sleeping feeling dizzy just made myself eat something since I rarelyhavent been eating much :/

Plane Search Shows World's Oceans Are Full of Trash

we all need to do something about this instead of talking what can be done I know im going to research into it more if there is like any global clean up crew or could atleast make one

My new sounds:

so followers went up to 111 wow im very happy and thankful for everyone following me I have been so busy working on improving my music on my mpc so if any of you been wondering what I have been up to that’s what I have been doing and trying to improve my self a bit more making plans hopefully they will come out soon and on that note I had a art gallery in Atlanta ask me if I could send my art pieces in so they could help me sell them and make money and display them some will be super cheap im not the type that charges thousand dollars for something small you cant put a price on art .. and on that note im currently talking to someone that is inspiring me  :3 . I am just trying to do the best I can in this life so I have no regrets later in life .

I got drunk and high tonight to the point where I lit my armpit hairs on fire rofl shit was soo funny

"Money is Power and Power is Having an army I want both ,I want the world…. Daniel Lyons Cassidy III"

razorblades on kids playground

this Is just wrong on so many levels please make this aware to everyone even if you don’t have kids it is still nice to let people know that this possibly could be a growing problem because I know for a fact there are fucked up individuals out there willingly to live off peoples misery