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"Im a dick to people when they are down because i want to see the real side of them so i know i don’t set myself up for failure and because i know people are weak and are willingly to say anything to make themselves feel better and in a way i am a dick to people because i want them to feel much more appreciation,greatfulness that they have found love in there life so that it is more meaningful . consider me satan but this is what god and satan does …. think about it"



reality is painful but you really gotta consider it before the actions you choose think out your battle like its a game of chess because that is what life is . nothing a joke everything is serious and everything has a consequence i dont care if i loose followers for this but that is what i accept when i post the truth . hurts doesn’t it makes you angry maybe you should be but thats my free will and i only alone choose on how to effect people and i want people to be effected greatly so that they will change there idiotic ways .

lifes truth fuk it all

oh lemme just be one positive fuck and tell you the whole meaning to life while you backstab me in the back while i try to warn you well okay let me put it this way i hope that everyone has to feel the grief,sorrow,pain,loss,scars,humiliation,and loose there almost sanity and loose the ones that you love close to you so you can feel the deep pain that i go through everday in life so that maybe just maybe you can be a little greatful of your fucking stupid existance of a selfish fuck of a life . like really im done and i realy hope you experience this so maybe most of you will grow the fuck up . because entirely no one gives a fuck anymore and everyone deserves to be punished whether your guilty or not your gonna die regardless hows that equality feeling for ya you like it yet do you ….. is your throat knotting up can you cant bare to breath i hope so and is your heart weary slow as your blood pressure rises as your heart feel like its colapsing for the very first time like there is no hope i really hope you feel this pain because i feel it everday of my life since the day i was born i hope that humanity could be a bit more greatful i hope you feel the sorrow i have felt 

even known 

im just going to let you know you created the son of satan …

life now imagine having obsessive compulsive disorder with along add adhd epilepsy and insomnia to the point where you can not stop thinking and have the ability to be clairvoyant tell me could you deal with the constant thinking the constant knowing the constant hearing of things you are not post to know the very site and sound trying to enjoy the simple things to only find yourself in repetitive pattern to only find that the whole human race is on a repetitive pattern of destruction the thought and meeting someone you love to only back off because they make the assumption of who you are then what they have tell me now could you live with yourself at the end of the night trying to fucking sleep when the last thought on your mind is can i do this can i do this to only hear no you cant no you cant you have this  this this you will never be good enough because that is what society protrays for us the very thought the very thought of planet earths distruction destroys me inside knowing that people forget to love and to stop diagnosing every little thing trying to out do everyone instead of just doing something so simple to love to forget to anguish the pain with in the pain the testament of living which is the the test and journey of your life .  if this is god then god i feel sorry for him knowing all and seeing people die that he so called loves even if there was a satan i feel sorry for him having to constantly be on his game 24 7 cast away to earth to only watch over those and hope someone screws up to make them screw up to judge to only put fear in the hearts of men when one was a barrier of light someone so beautiful even if it was a story all of it but merely a look into the future of oneselfs cockiness oneselfs pride that we so longly have for centurys and if i am the devil in carnet or if i am the next decedent of a prohept or if my fate is written in stone i am glad to have brought some burden or enlightment if i am truly evil  then im glad to see those sole in tourment for that i have suffered far to long to realize what hell could be and i wish no so could be there but some just those very few that do im sorry it is your fate it is your destiny to be in a repititive memory to only wake up for one moment that you are in lifes hell and to only wind back up in that repetitive dream and at the end of the day i forgive my wicked ways and embrace the deviland embrace god for who they are resimblance of power,peace,hate,anger,love,pride,nobility everything that is human. goodnight and god speed and good luck punishing the wicked and remember no man is pure evil but missguided monsters can be only created through out lifes aspects enjoy my run on ramble of thoughts . 


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love isnt a game

unfortunately we live in a narcissistic,materialistic,stereotyping society that makes assumptions about people . I never in my life have seen more people who make idiotic mistakes from dating sites to real life people who makes mistakes out of fear an making assumptions about people with out giving them a flying chance first grammar nazis speaking there mind on how you dont want a person who has poor grammar yet oh lets see that like almost half of the population no ones mr or mrs perfect and when someone does call you that they only call you that as a metaphor because they are so overwhelmed in feelings that you give them yes you dont ask for this but its a nice compliment another thing i dont understand where it is wrong to just even look at people and admire them and to only respond them with distasteful comments you talk about how you wanna find love and or you either get someone pregneant you and marry them because of the baby no that is the wrong thing to do my father did that to my mother and shes going through who second husband trying to divorce them or hearing people bullshit eachother aobut lets be friends and work our way there no thats not how it works either with your realistic crap you might end up loving some what of them but a part of you will be always unsatisfied three years goes by and you will be complaing about them and when four months go by your already picking on them im sorry that isnt love and im tired of people taking love for granted saying oh no thats infatuation what you feel oh well my m my if half the time i heard a woman say that and give me 20 bucks i be a rich fuking man fuckign rich its always some fucking excuse cars,infatuation,job something or we have nothing in common im sorry you finding excuses to cover up your fear now tell me this how long will your marrige last until you find out that you really dont love him or her anymore none because you never gave anyone a shot its always something these days with putting them through test,or watching peoples behavior , or blaming them or blaming themselves oh la de fucking day one thing i learned is that people are selfish pricks that only care about themselves and they talk about doing the right thing and completely doing the opposite yes there are great people out there and those are the heros even the ones that risk there lives for there countrys im just so through and done with everyones bs and partialy im broken as a human being because all i ever wantd in my life as a child was to fallow my dreams and make them come true and my first dream was to marry ideal soulmate and to have a kid and be succesful but i dont see that ever happening i really dont with society people wanteing so fucking much every night around 1 am to 3 i get really emotionaland i cry a little i dont even fucking want to correct any of this shit im tired of being mr perfect mr gentlment and trying to kkinky or soimething else im just done because thats all i ever done been me dress the way i dress be proper be polite because thats me i care so fucking much i really do i may play off this bulshit like oh im gonna be a dick but i never do

my trust is so fucked


oh yeah i brought it there be aware

i know i know

I know  to everyone this sounds like a broken record another story of a repeated thought about a ex or a lover but it never was from the beginning to the to the fresent to the unfolded future of what may come in my life . For the past couple of days i have been not haunted but with this beautiful images of happiness of someone i may or may not meet possibly in this world or trapped a lady dressed in white linen with long black hair with ever changing colored eyes that are the hint of blue,yellowish,brown with a small portion of green but looking at me while i was riding the car back from a friends house smilling and laughing but not at me but with me and a part of me was her maybe saw myself in her even if it is my soul mate or not for my whole life i never know who it was but as i gotten older and just focused these visions of clairvoyance about past and present of my life to the next this women came to me when i needed her the most somtimes visions of her riding away in her car and coming back to tickle me and to paint sit beside me with oh so delicate movements like an angel metphorical speaking because that was the love that i saw and felt to futuristic visions of me swinging in a circle of flowers to waltzing away a venue in paris with cliche classy music in the background and yet i find myself making these human mistakes and not trusting my instincts dating these women not all so horrible so this is no insult to them just not for me and never ending up so well but in painful memories and heartache i find myself at the same place where i started the inosance came back and refreshing and saved from these haunting visions of my human present life to be overwhelmed with joy an extacy of love sheding single tears down my face trying to type every detail of these visions i have of her hoping and not hoping im insane just mearly hoping fate brings me to that day. where i can find peace in her whene i already have found peace in myself and with my demons the only thing that upsets me becauses im not with her and im not in the future present to where my soul makes an impact on this earth with her and the world to come oh where do i find my queen 

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