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How does one change the world from so much injustice to a fair united world instead of just one continent without money or guns because a revolution would not work without a small army or money to support the great cause . How does it feel to be a slave to your country to wear a flag that represents freedom but not absolute freedom where cameras watch you daily and governments spy on you daily and justice branch system that was put there for the peoples protections that is fueled by a qouta hows does one man go about destroying everything that you loved and ideal of a country based off of other ideas and coruption that has been there for centurys to only have murder thousands of natives to live on this l and are we not only just intruders but murderers . How does one go about ripping the colors off a flag to have no flag at all to have a world where every things is fair and justice and liberty to do and to speak how one feels yes there maybe voting but in recall remember that is only just a number and at the end of the day your number does not really count at all it is the person who actually choses to pass that law or not because we are all just numbers and minoritys to it and slave to the society where money brings happiness but we forget one thing the most is common survival instincts and the ideal of freedom and to those who bring this fair and truth and honesty to this world are only to be silently murdered,assasinated,and just become this shadowy figure of the past where one day some child of the next  generation will say whos that … we really are just reapting the history of our faulty ancestors instead of progressing into the future but only to be surrounded by greed and power and dreams that we cannot reach without fighting and knowing when to lie to save your life ….. and you should be mad you should be angry you should be furious to see that  this world the way it is because fools decide to say oh its not going to change just let it go NOOO ! that is a manipulater and a snake who shall decieve you and stab you in your back for there own benefit and not the benefit of human race. which is why we havent progressed . money can be good yes but it is also the root of all evil and the reasons why you should be angry and furious is because it is your god given birth right to be your freedom is on the line your well being your soul ….

rules to dictatorship

silence the people
charge them for water
take there land
take there homes
poison there live stock
kill those who oppose nay
and silence them by using postive complex words
your existance is meaningless to them
 next step mass genocide.
passing a law on there religious beliefs
and putting the fear into the hearts of women,men,children
and first sign of any resistance label them as communist,terrorist
any sign of absolute freedom was either shot,executed,hanged or labeled
with mental illness and a threat to society

that is the first rule to a world order

the only way you can possibly have world freedom
destroy the politicians,destroy the justice foundation,and destroy your government,and have lots of guns the only way that this will work if you do something illegal
and no not by smoking pot saying fuck the system and all this the system could work but there are people out there with careless attitude who just let it happen let them bully you into submission you are there cattle and they will heard you …. and destroy the very things you are so passionate and loving for

….. Sincerely Daniel Lyons Cassidy III

She Had No Clue As To Why Random Strangers Gave Her Flowers Until THIS...

I think I witnessed this x-x pretty beautiful congrats to whoever

wowplanetearth asked - "favourite thing about bonnaroo this year???? top five performances?"

the volunteers,the people who i met that where nice to me and actually talked for a bit, and ty segal,dr dog,flaming lips,jack white bobby womack

the reckoning of your lives

I use to believe in people i use to believe in love I use to believe in that special one but then all of that had gone and past when they put the negative things in there head and let paranoia control there lives so now im just yearning,struggling to survive oh how can I oh how can I  so i sing an old sirens song something that will lure you to the death that you had brung i will show no mercy because you never gave none and I will wait here in the depths of this abyss way way deep down down while you drown in the painful memories you had created in your hearts the reckoning is much more painful then giving birth to your new born child
and your answer wont be found . Daniel Cassidy

the last corridor

All the things and the beings you once loved have only just yet to become a distant memory how does it feel to just be a ghost in the last corridor of your mind to only feel left behind to only feel left behind where no one can reach out and grab you when you need it the most to only feel complete utter despair from everything and to only see a gleam of light of your hope you had once lost because the only thing that keeps you from leaving are these past memories and the ones you once loved even if they don’t remember anything .

is it weird that i like to fascinate about falling in love with some strange  gypsy lady from another place foreign to me .

I had enough of poisonous people in my life I will not stand around and let them go out and make accusations,assumptions,manipate me to the point of my own loss of sanity i know i will hurt alot of people with my truth and words but atleast my heart will feel easier at the end of the day . it  has come so bad to the point now when i see these people they make me want to hurl deeeply sick to mystomach my own heart and mind is on  the line if i just sit there and take it and i willnotAfasfsf